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Greg L.Charleston, SC

I've been going to Lowcountry Physical Therapy Associates for the last few weeks to help improve my shoulder after surgery. It has been an excellent experience. The physical therapists and PTAs are fun, caring, and knowledgeable. I came in with a MEGA knot between my shoulder and back, with limited ability to move my neck or arm, and serious pain. By the time I left they had blasted away most of the knot and pain with ultrasound, acupuncture, and massage therapies. I was shocked how much they could improve my life in 60 mins. Best of all my shoulder is healing rapidly since the surgery. Thanks Shane, Ansley, and Amanda!

Things You Want With Therapy

The Best Equipment 

Lowcountry Physical Therapy Associates provides Charleston area residents with a unique rehabilitation tool. The Cervical, Lumbar and Knee Functional Restoration Programs and equipment are unique to our facility.

Friendly Therapists

Get excellent care by our team of licensed physical therapist associates in a warm friendly atmosphere conveniently located in West Ashley. We address the "whole" patient in our approach with training and instruction, posture and body mechanics instruction.

low back pain therapy

Reputation of Success

We established our practice in 2005 and have been helping patients through personalized care plans and manual therapy We are committed to returning patients to the quality of life they desire.

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