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Back Pain? Dry Needling Might Be the Answer!

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Back Pain?  Dry Needling Can
Eliminate Trigger Point Pain

Back pain is a result muscle injury or repetitive strain. Dry Needling therapy is one of the many types of treatment options used by Lowcountry Physical Therapist to treat and relieve pain. 

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About Dry Needling Success

Back Pain Dry Needling Therapy uses acupuncture needles and is called dry because no medication is injected. A small filament (needle) is inserted into the problem areas of muscle or myofascial tissue that is not responding to other treatment. The procedure of the needle create a lesion resulting in stimulation of blood flow and therefore healing of the affected area.

Acupuncture needles are used by trained physical therapists in the treatment of trigger points, myofascial pain, tendinopathies, and other musculoskeletal dysfunctions to help patients in the rehabilitation process. Click here for more info. 

Back Pain Dry Needling Therapy
Back Pain Dry Needling Therapy

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What Our Patients Have to Say

Shane Melaugh

I've been going to LPT for the last few weeks to help improve my shoulder after surgery. It has been an excellent experience. The physical therapists and PTAs are fun, caring, and knowledgable. I came in with a MEGA knot between my shoulder and back, with limited ability to move my neck or arm, and serious pain. By the time I left they had blasted away most of the knot and pain with ultrasound, accupuncture, and massage therapies. I was shocked how much they could improve my life in 60 mins. Best of all my shoulder is healing rapidly since the surgery. Thanks Shane, Ansley, and Amanda!

Craig L. - Charleston SC

Shane Melaugh

Excellent care by licensed physical therapists in a warm friendly atmosphere.

Christine M. - Hollywood SC

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Back Pain Dry Needling Therapy

Amanda grew up in Ohio and has spent her summers in Charleston, SC since she was a child. She graduated from Ohio State University then moved to Florida to receive her masters in physical therapy from the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences.

Amanda Heyboer

Master of Physical Therapy

Back Pain Dry Needling Therapy

Christine is a graduate with honors in physical therapy of Ohio State University School of Allied Medicine. She owned her own physical therapy practice in Ohio for fifteen years.

Christine Murphy

Physical Therapist