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Do I Need a Doctor Referral to See a Physical Therapist

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Lower Back Pain Therapy

Do I need a Doctor Referral to see a Physical Therapist?

Doctor Referral for Physical Therapy not necessary in South Carolina - Open Access State

Do I need to get a doctor referral to see a Physical Therapist for back pain treatment?

No actually mark you don't, we are lucky enough to live in the beautiful state of South Carolina where we have open access.  So a prespective patient can go into a Physical Therapy Clinic without a physicians referral.  We are usually able to see a patient for about 30 days before we refer them back to their family care physican, or doctor if they have one. And no, you do not need a referral

Direct access to physical therapy allows patients to be evaluated and treated by a physical therapist without a Medical Doctor referral or other healthcare practitioner referral.

If you have an injury or pain which can be resolved with the aide of a physical therapist call today and let our licensed physical therapist help you get started on a rehabilitation program.

In South Carolina, you are allowwed to be treated by a licensed Lowcountry Physical Therapy Associates without a Medical Doctor referral for 30 days.​

​For more informaton on Doctor Referral to see a Physical Therapist in South Carolina can be found at the following website:

Is a Doctor Referral needed to see a Physical Therapist in SC answered by Amanda Heyboer, MPT and Director of Physical Therapy.

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